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Liberian Clothes
Liberian Clothes

 My object is Liberian clothing.  It was made in Liberia where I came from. The color of my shirt is pink and yellow. My grandma made it and sent it from Liberia to Minnesota for me.  She sent it because I asked her to send it for me because I wanted some of my culture clothes. I can wear my culture clothing to church and weddings. It is important to me because whenever I see it in my room I think about my grandma and all the time we spent together. It makes me feel beautiful and I look gorgeous.  Whenever I wear it, it also feels like my grandmother is with me because I miss her so much. In Minnesota whenever I wear my culture clothing and I get a lot of questions from other people, they ask me where I get it and I tell them my grandma made it for me in Liberia. They say it is good and it makes me appreciate my culture. 

Place(s): Liberia and Minnesota
Year: 2014

– Mai

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child