Lavish Locket

In Attire
A shiny gold chain with a flower.
A shiny gold chain with a flower.

This locket belonged to my grandmother, who is half of the couple I admire most in this world. She gave this to me when I was in middle school, and ever since I’ve always made sure to keep it away and safe because I don’t want anything happening to this prized possession. The origin of this piece is unclear, but I believe it may have come from the Philippines, which is where she and my grandfather are from. Growing up, they didn’t have too much as they were living in a poorer country compared to the one we’re living in now, which emphasizes the value of the necklace even more. Pictured inside are older pictures of my grandfather and mother. As much as I want to keep the necklace forever with the relics inside of it, I do plan to pass it down to my future children and, in return, grandchildren. Like my grandmother did, they’ll obtain it with pictures inside at first then change with their own to pass onto the next generation. 

Place(s): Philippines

– AC

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant