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Tempest Bracelet
Tempest Bracelet

My object isn’t one, singular object, rather it is three small bracelets. I have twenty-three bracelets, but only three stand out. My Tempest, Israel, and Camp bracelets are those three. My Tempest bracelet is a dark blue band, made of rubber with yellow writing on it. Tempest is a parkour gym. I go there every Saturday. In parkour there are different levels of skill. With each new level, you get a new bracelet to signify it. This bracelet signifies my parkour experience. My Israel bracelet is a combination of chain, Roman glass, and reshaped metal coins. It signifies one of the best trips I have ever been on. I really enjoyed that trip, but the bracelet could also signify all the other amazing trips I went on that I don’t have bracelets from.My last bracelet is the one I received at sleepaway camp. This one is a friendship bracelet, made from string and given to me while at sleepaway camp. I received many friendship bracelets at sleepaway camp, and made many as well. But this one is special, it was the first one I ever got in my first year of coming to this camp. This summer I will be going for the fourth time. This is an amazing camp, and I love being there.Those are only three of my twenty-three bracelets. They all mean something to me, but these three have a special place in my heart.

Place(s): Tempest Freerunning Academy, Israel, Sleepaway Camp

– M

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