Latin Necklace

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silver necklace
silver necklace

This necklace was a gift from my paternal grandmother and memento from her high school life and a reminder that we studied and were interested in the same things at the same time in our lives. We both took Latin in high school and we’ve both competed and won Latin competitions. This was an award from one of her competitions. I was visiting my grandmother after my great grandmother's funeral, and she gave me the necklace after learning that I took Latin. I live with my mother full time and only see my father once a month or so. I only see my paternal family once or twice a year. This necklace gives me a sense of comfort and connection with a side of my family I don’t see that often. This necklace has become the necklace I travel with and I wear it almost daily.  I have made this necklace my personal good luck charm ever since, wearing it to my first in-person latin convention. This necklace is such a simple comfort to me and I hope when I pass it down it becomes a comforting reminder of our past for future generations.

Place(s): Norfolk VA, Woodberry NJ, Richmond VA

– MW

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