Somali Landscape

Relationship: Im/migrant

I am an immigrant to the U.S.A and I came here in November of 2017. This beautiful picture is about my home country. Gedo region is the second largest region in Somalia. It has natural resources like gold, petroleum, and diamonds. In my landscape there are crops, trees, houses, garages, and a highway. This is the area where I grew up with my family and my friends. When I came to the United States I brought nothing with me because I left for Kenya and lived there for a while. When I got my visa to come to the United States I had only three days to get ready. In my mind I have brought with me the farm, the animals, the river and the mountains. It’s peaceful and quiet. I had a lot of friends there. I used to play soccer and do horse racing. This is the peaceful and relaxing scenery I drew in my picture.

Place(s): Gedo Region, Somalia, St. Paul
Year: 2017

– LEAP High School Student

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant