La Virgin de Guadalupe

My parents brought me to the United States when I was 4 years old from Mexico. They did not say goodbye to their families nor were they able to bring mementos of any value. With very little on their backs, they did not lack the desire to work hard. Every night since we arrived at the U.S I never fail to hear my mom give thanks to La Virgin de Guadalupe (the Virgin Mary) for her blessings over my siblings and me as well as for giving her the strength to provide for us. Every night I thank La Virgin de Guadalupe for blessing me with loving parents that were willing to uproot their lives for a better future for me. It's been 16 years in which my parents and I have become physically estranged from our motherland but our culture is not something we carried on our backs but in the way we live our lives. Our Mexican culture is especially prominent during the holiday’s when we gather as a family to decorate the Virgin de Guadalupe portrait that hangs in our hallway year long. The Virgin de Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico and we celebrate her birthday every 12th of December. During the holiday nights, we also sing posadas (Mexican carols) and we take comfort in knowing that under the same moon our relatives in Mexico are doing the same making us feel instantly closer to them.

Year: 2001

– J.G

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