La Virgen De Guadalupe

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

La Virgen De Guadalupe 
Our Lady of Guadalupe (La Virgen De Guadalupe) is a catholic name for the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was seen at Tepeyac Hill, Mexico city, December 9, 1531 by a man named Juan Diego on a early morning. Juan Diego was heading to mass. He was walking along the Tepeyac Hill and he heard a beautiful, and he also saw a beautiful lady who called his name. She told Juan Diego that a temple would be Built on the hill. She later than told Juan Diego to go tell the Bishop Zumarraga for a church to be built at the hill. The Bishop said no, so Juan Diego then went back to the hill to tell La Virgen De Guadalupe the bishops response. La Virgen De Guadalupe told Juan Diego to try again. Juan Diego tried again the next day and the bishop told Juan Diego to bring him a sign from Mary to prove it. Juan Diego went back to the hill to pick flowers and he put them in his tilma. Juan Diego went back to the bishop to show him the flowers. When Juan Diego unfolded his tilma to show the flowers, the tilma had the image of La Virgen De Guadalupe on it. We Celebrate her birthday on December 12. On sundays we do rosaries for her. When we pray we give her our prayers. We pray to her when something bad happens to any of us. We also pray to her if someone is sick and we ask her to take care of that person that is sick. On Sundays we give her thanks for taking care us throughout the day.     

Place(s): Tepeyac Hill, Mexico City.
Year: 1992

– Joseph

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant