La Virgen de Guadalupe

The Virgin Mary is not only the mother of Jesus Christ, but also an important icon for my entire community and family throughout the entire year. She represents so much in religion throughout the world, and in my family she is the most important female icon till this day. In my house, we have at lease 5 to 6 images of her all over the house, and about 2 to 3 candles for her prayer and protection. I love her and cherish her very much as a very important person, I even sometimes say her prayer before going to bed and when my family prays the rosary. Every year on the day of her birthday, me and my parents stay up late to hear many famous musicians and artist sing happy birthday to her and as a Latino tradition and most importantly as a Mexican tradition it our honor to celebrate her day with all of us. She is most importantly our mother and my family a very special icon.

Year: 2000

– Christian Mejia

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