"Topi" or "Taqiyah"

Relationship: Im/migrant
"Topi" from my Grandfather
"Topi" from my Grandfather

This object called “Taqiyah” in Arabic and “Topi” in Bengali. It’s a hat that muslim people around the world wear it with pride. It can be simple and also designed. Sometimes the designs depends on which part of the world you from or what culture you belong to. But the main point of this hat is Faith and respect. In my country, we were told to not do any bad things while wearing the “Topi”. In my country, people respect this object a lot so the parent always tell their children to stay away from doing anything negative. My grandfather gave this object to me when I was coming to United States. He have a lot of grandchildren who are older and younger than me but he chose me and gave it to me. I lost him after 3 months. For me this “Topi” is a blessing from my grandfather. Also it’s important to me because it represents my religion and culture.

Place(s): Bangladesh
Year: 2016

– MZV.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant