La Rosa de gutalupe

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La Rosa de guatalupe
La Rosa de guatalupe

In 1995 when my mom was 11 *(ithink)* and when she heard of the name that la Rosa de Guadalupe. she said to me that she was protected by her and she would pray everyday for la Rosa de Guadalupe. She once says that it is a Mexican anthology who is not only supernatural mother but also a symbol for embodiment of life and hope. My mom said a person that wrote the story was written in the Aztecs native language by Antonio Valeriano and when it was written sometime after 1556, identify herself as mother of god and appeared in a hill of tepeyac in Mexico in the year 1531. Over 20 million people visit the lady of Guadalupe each year and now it situated on a hill that she apparently appeared. My father always said that each year people go to Mexico and visit her which is true, and something stuck out to me when he said that December 12 was the day of feast for la Rosa de Guadalupe and it was crazy because every year some Mexican families celebrate that. 

Place(s): Mexico, New york

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