La casa de Garcia

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This house is located in the Dominican Republic and represents my family, the Garcia-Frias family. This generation of my family started in 1950 when my grandparents got married and had 10 kids all that graduated from college. In 1996, my aunt migrated to the US as well as my mom in 1997. After that in 2001, my grandpa passed away with cancer and my grandma was living all alone. My mom's main goal was to work hard to be a US citizen and to build a house for my grandma so she would not feel lonely. In 2012 my mom had built the perfect house for my grandma and she loved it because it was close to all her kids. Now every Sunday all her kids and grand kids gather at our house to spend time together. This house makes our family relationships and bonds grow stronger.

Year: 2012

– Ranelcy

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