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This object is a marionette. Marionettes are puppets, but they are different than hand, or rod puppets. Rod puppets have a rod going through their body, this type of puppet is very common, and are more likely to be seen today. Marionettes are distinguished from regular puppets by the fact that they are controlled by strings that are manipulated from above. Marionettes are very popular all over the world, but the country that is most often associated with these unique puppets is Italy. Italian puppetry is very famous, and there are often operas and plays done through the use of marionettes. Many marionettes are handmade and hand painted, making them all unique, different, and special. Because of the popularity of Italian marionettes, my grandmother decided to get me one. My grandmother gave me this marionette when she came back to the United States from her trip to Italy. I connect this marionette with Christmas, because that is when she gave me this gift. This object means a lot to me because, not only did my grandmother give it to me, but it also represents a part of my family’s culture and represents those that were left behind when my family immigrated here. Though mine is a very simple one, it still connects me to my heritage and culture, which makes it very important to me.

Year: 1845

– Sarah R.

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