La Caffettiera

Every Sunday the smell of dark robust espresso fills the house in the early morning hours. The distinct hiss of the caffettiera acts as a wakeup call for our family. In a mere 10 minutes the kitchen would be full of life. The caffettiera is a simple stovetop espresso maker that makes its appearance only on the weekends. During the week the espresso machine is the choice of fast and on the go coffee. We have many caffettiera in the house including the one my father originally brought with him when he immigrated to America from Sicily, Italy over 25 years ago in 1987. My parents love to tell my siblings and me stories of getting coffee at “il bar”. “Il bar” is not just a place to drink coffee. Rather, it is a place where many would gather in the morning to converse and share news within the town. Coffee was never meant to be just a drink. They always talk about coffee with nostalgia and how we as children take advantage of modern coffee makers. At an older age our parents revealed that they met in a “bar” right here in Brooklyn. So on Sundays when I sit with my family in our kitchen with my warm cup of caffé macchiato, I cannot help but to feel thankful for my parents’ love of coffee.

Year: 1987

– Susanna

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