In Attire

A kurta is one of the oldest traditional pieces of clothing worn by South Asians. Kurta is a term used to refer to a long loose shirt, the length of which falls below or may be just above the knees of the wearer. In the olden times, it was primarily worn by men, but today, it has become a unisex dress that both men and women can wear. Kurtas have been the style to wear every day for years until the South Asians were met with westernization. Depending on one's personal preference, kurta can be teamed with churidar as well as loose fit salwar. Personally, I’ve been wearing Kurtas at Indian cultural, ceremonial, or religious events since I was a child. In these contemporary times, a nice kurta can go along with a funky pair of jeans. My favorite time of year that requires me to wear a kurta is during Navrati, a Hindu celebration that lasts nine days. During this time of year, everyone celebrates the occasion through traditional Indian dancing. Most of the males often wear kurtas because it’s a comfortable wear when dancing as it allows once to move freely and easily. Because the weather in South Asian countries tend to be very warm, the kurtas are often made up of light silk and cotton, acting as a poor insulator. My mother would never let me wear a kurta without an undershirt because she feared that the fabric would get ruined if I danced in it too much while it was touching my bear skin. But I’m older now, hopefully I can start making my own decisions!

Year: 2015

– Karan Sheth

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