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Relationship: Im/migrant
I am wearing Kroj in this picture.
I am wearing Kroj in this picture.

I have never been to Slovakia but my parents are from there.  They came to America in 2006.  They are teaching me Slovakian language and the traditions like, the holidays, weddings, parties and family gatherings. KROJ is a traditional outfit that people wear in Slovakia. In the 19th century people would wear a simple version of KROJ that was not so decorated, just plain white or beige. Their everyday clothing for the fieldwork was different from what they wore to church. As you can see in the picture, the outfit has all these beautiful patterns and designs. This is hand made for me.  It was sewn by this woman in Slovakia who specializes in hand made traditional outfits.  I will pass this KROJ to my children and I will tell them that it was sent to me by my godmother as a gift for my first communion and I was told that “I stole the show”. People in the church and also on my way there were asking what country I represented.
We can show the world where we are from or where our roots are from not just by different languages or delicious foods but even by the differences in our clothing. My grandpa with my cousin owns the same outfit because they are part of the folk dance group in my mom’s village. Part of the KROJ is a hat that is also decorated and my hat has feathers from my grandma's rooster tail.  If you visit Ellis Island you can see a lot of pictures of all immigrants from Europe and maybe you will be able to recognize one specific outfit called the KROJ. Slovakia is my country but America is my home.

Place(s): Slovakia
Year: 2016

– GK

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant