Coqui Compact Mirror

In Attire
Compact mirror w/PuertoRican Frog(Coqui)
Compact mirror w/PuertoRican Frog(Coqui)

This Compact mirror originally came from Puerto Rico. My mother decided to go over there for her birthday and brought back with many goodies such as coconut candies, key chains and other small materials. Although, she gave me most of the coconut candies due to the fact that I am the only one out of my 5 siblings who love coconut, she decided to also give me this compact mirror. This more meaning to me than it seems because for one, I am Puerto Rican but never been there so to have a piece from that country makes me feel like I have a feel of some sort of Puerto Rico. Moreover,  it may be something little but it makes it more valuable to me because my mother gave it to me instead of my sister. Lastly,  it's important to me because I feel it just represents part of me.

Place(s): Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico & Bronx, New York
Year: 2017

– Amarilis Rodriguez

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