Nike Tracksuit

In Attire

The object that means the most to me would most likely be the Nike Tracksuit that I wore the day I moved from Guyana to the United States. The day me and my family were getting ready to go on a flight to America, my mom gave me a blue Nike tracksuit. It meant so much to me because it served as a reminder of how different my life could have been without that day. In Guyana there were plenty of opportunities in life, but here in America the possibilities for success were endless, plus it's a better place to live at. Without that day there is no telling what my life would be like but I’m thankful for it. The tracksuit is one of the reason I’m so humble and thankful for everything I have. For example, there was one time where I broke my phone and in a matter of days I was able to buy a new and better one while in Guyana and many other places around the world something like a cellphone isn't always that affordable for everyone. I never take things for granted no matter how little they were. I was appreciative because I know there were people somewhere else that aren't that privileged. This tracksuit served as a constant reminder to me that I should always work and stay humble.

Year: 2007

– Jonathan

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