Kitchen knives

   My story is going to be about kitchen Knives. Me and kitchen knifes go in life like boxer and his gloves....always together. I'm cooking a lot because i like doing it and i don't have a choice because i have a big family. I started noticing not so long ago that whenever i start cooking i remembering my first time doing it in my life.  In the first grade i lived with my sister and mom in a small apartment, they were in living room watching  TV and i went in the kitchen, locked the door and opened our fridge. I wanted to do something for my mom, so i took vegetables, spices, salt-pepper took out frying pan and started cooking. First thing i thought of was a little knife so i can cut potato and other stuff. i was doing everything quietly because family could hear so i was doing everything extra carefully. With that knife i cleaned potatoes from its cover then i took a bigger one probably size of my own arm and started cutting it. on gas i started cooking fried potatoes and while it was cooking i was cutting salad. Potato was making sound as its suppose to (loud sound of something in hot oil) and my mom heard it and smell reached our living room. She started asking what am i doing there and i actually don't remember what i said but probably some lies and words " don't come in!" At the end i brought everything to my sister and mom, they were shocked, and i was happy. Nowadays any time i see specifically kitchen knifes i remember of my first time cooking and how happy i was.

– Alex Z

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