Relationship: Im/migrant
Yassa with chicken
Yassa with chicken

The food in my country is based on organic ingredients.  My favorite food in my country is called Yassa with chicken.  Here is how it is cooked: First step is to marinate the chicken and onion with a mixture of oil lemon juice, garlic and dijon mustard, next brown the chicken, then remove the browned chicken pieces from the skillet and add the onions with their lemony, garlicky marinade, and in the end, add the chicken back to the pot.

When my step mom makes for us I be happy.  It comes from Mali, my country.  Sometimes on Ramadan we made that I love Yassa and the Eid too is important to me because in my country reality. When I was eat it was remember back home. It connects to me because by pieces of grilled meat or typically chicken. This is a part our history and one for African food.

Place(s): Mali
Year: 2016

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant