Coconut 🥥

Coconut (top) and coconut juice (bottom)
Coconut (top) and coconut juice (bottom)

I am Savannah, a third generation immigrant, my parents emigrated to the US from Guyana. My mom lived in Florida and my dad lived in Queens, NYC. When coming to the US, my grandma on my moms side, was an aquarium importer and exporter. My dad’s mom was a babysitter. My parents left Guyana because their parents wanted them to get a good education and to be raised properly.Guyana was a very poor place and it still is, and it could also be dangerous. It really is no walk in the park. My artifact that represents me and my culture is coconuts, no matter where we are you will see many walking around with a coconut or coconut juice.

First of all, coconuts are very popular in Guyana. My object is a big part of me because I grew up eating it and drinking it. Coconut juice is a huge thing back in Guyana because it is full of antioxidants. When I was little that was what I drank when I was feeling under the weather. It also represents me because it reminds me of who I am. On the outside I may seem hard to crack but once you crack me I am soft on the inside. Coconuts represent Guyana because it is freshly grown in Guyana! Coconuts are my artifact because they remind me of home! 

My object is me and nothing can change that! In my house we always have coconuts and always buy the juice! This is my artifact and it’s who and what I am! 

Place(s): Guyana and Queens, NY
Year: 1990

– S

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant