A cabbage kimchi dish.
A cabbage kimchi dish.

Kimchi is a popular pickled and fermented vegetable dish that is usually cabbage from Korea. It was first probably made during the Koryeo period in Korea when Chinese cabbage made its way to Korea. It is well-known for its spicy intensity and health benefits. Koreans around the world as well as many others enjoy this. I am half Korean, but I still enjoy kimchi a great amount. I have this food with almost every meal and it is a staple to Korean cuisine and many dishes; many soups have a base of kimchi and people even make fried rice with it. My grandparents immigrated to America around 1965, and kimchi was a staple of their diet. Overall, even though I am not full Korean, I still enjoy kimchi and it is a big part of my heritage as a Korean.

Place(s): Korea
Year: 1965

– Kai

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