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Kilt from my grandfather
Kilt from my grandfather

The object I chose is a kilt. Kilts are a type of skirt that originated in Scotland. It was mostly men and boys that wore kilts but some women wore them too. These kilts have different tartans on them which would represent their clans. Tartans are any type of clothing consisting of criss-crossed, horizontal, and vertical bands of colors. Clans would have a specific type of tartan to represent them. Most kilts are made of wool and they are pretty thick and heavy. The kilt that I have represents the “Stewart” clan that my grandpa and his family represented. The kilt consists of the colors red, white, green, blue, yellow, and black. Unfortunately my grandpa passed away a couple years back, so my grandma gave me some details about the history behind the kilt and the clan. She said my grandpa was super fascinated about his scottish heritage. He would love to learn about his family and the clan they represented. He would attend a festival called the “Scottish Games”. At this event, there would be games and parades that represented Scottish history. Many men would wear their kilts to these events and there would be a parade where they would walk around. I’m not closely connected to my scottish heritage because most of my family comes from mexico, but it was interesting to learn about it. This is important to me because it was passed down from generation to generation. 

Place(s): Scottland

– Ben Hull

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant