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A Zenith watch that is around 80 yrs old
A Zenith watch that is around 80 yrs old

This watch was made in Switzerland by a company called zenithSA who have been making watches since 1865. In 1941 (approximately) my grandfather was stationed in Europe during WWII. My grandfather purchased this mechanical device for himself during WWII and then passed it down to my father after it stopped working. My grandfather used to wear this watch every day of his life which is the reason it is so important to my father, because he grew up seeing this watch around his dad's wrist. This watch is in most of my dad's memories of his father so when he looks at the watch he remembers his dad and all the memories they share. One time my dad lost the watch and my dad’s family thought it was stolen. Since this watch had such a meaning to my fathers family, they searched for days looking for the “culprit”. Yet in the end it turned out my father had just misplaced the watch and it had turned up in their garage. That story and many more have been passed along with this watch so now my dad treasures it and will one day give it to me, and then I will give this 80 year old watch to my children and maybe we can try to fix it like my dad tried, and somewhat failed, because it shows how one possession can symbolize determination and how it can hold so many memories. A little fun fact, Mahatma Gandhi himself was given a Zenith pocket watch by his good friend Jawaharlal_Nehru, India's Prime Minister at the time. 

Place(s): New York, Europe

– DB

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