Traditional Wooden sandals.
Traditional Wooden sandals.

Me and my family are from Bangladesh. My father was 14 year old. He wasn’t allowed to go anywhere without permission. There was a Broadway show but in the family nobody was allowed to watch any Broadway shows. But my dad really wanted to watch the Broadway show about a king named Nawab Sirajuddaula.In the evening when everyone was having dinner he stole my grandpa’s wooden shoes.About 9:30 everyone fell asleep and my dad woke up, he had a sweater, a piece of pattern clothes as pants and wooden sandals gave him a VIP look.he snuck out of the house at night.The wooden sandals were hard to wear.It made so much noise when he walked. His toe hurt but still he walked two mile from our house. He was so scared but my dad told himself that ”if no fear no fun.” He came back home in the morning around 5. My grandma saw he was walking home,my grandma took a stick and hit my dad on his but he turned back and saw her my dad took the wooden sandals and ran away like cheetah.everyone was so worried. They were looking for my dad because he had the wooden sandals. That time in my family they’re was only two pairs of wooden sandals.He came back home in the afternoon. He was standing in front of the house and my grandma was yelling at him. How important are the wooden sandals to my grandpa because he was a village community leader.I understand wooden shoes are a really big part of my family's dress back then. In Bangladesh we still have a pair of wooden sandals.It's important to me because my grandpa died before I was born. I am glad that I get to see my grandpa's favorite thing.

Place(s): Bangladesh

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