Relationship: Child of im/migrant
The Kara (religious bracelet)
The Kara (religious bracelet)

Do you have an object which symbolizes your connection to god? Do you have something which reminds you to not give up hope? A bracelet made of iron symbolizes one's connection to god in my religion and it is a reminder to never stop trying. This bracelet is referred to as a Kara. In the religion of Sikhism, we have 5 sources to maintain connection with God which are called the panj kakars and one of which is the Kara. Based on religious beliefs, the kara is to be worn at all times on your right hand due to the fact that it is an unbreakable connection to god serves as a reminder to dedicate all of one’s actions to the service of the One Creator. Accordingly, they say that if this kara remains on at all times, the gurus and our current guru, Sri Guru Grant Sahib, give you strength and devotion to conquer anything one may please. It's a daily reminder that your religion is being tested each and every day. Although this is what it means religiously, my family also has a different meaning around it as well. Furthermore, in my family the kara is a daily reminder that everything will be okay. All you can do is be patient and never give up hope. As a child, I was given my first kara at 2 months old, and as I grew older and bigger, I received new ones which were in a way growing along with me. To conclude, the kara is what will and has kept me safe. #JSarich2020 #indian #bracelet #sikhism

Place(s): India
Year: 1999

– Guneet Sondhi

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant