The kaaba
The kaaba

Kaaba is a place that every Muslim wants to go before they pass away. It's in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It's the most important mosque for Muslim people. It was built with solid stones and is a square building elegantly draped with a silk and cotton veil and the Kaaba was built in honour of God by the Prophet Abraham and his son Ismael. Muslim people go around it and pray for God. Every Muslim family would tell their kids the history of Kaaba, how it was built and who build it. My parents first told me and then I learned in school back in Yemen.There is not a special day to go to Kaaba but Muslim would like to go in Ramadan also for Hajj. TheKaaba connects to my identity and culture because it's the center for all Muslim to know in which direction we should pray.  For me when I see the Kaaba it gives me that feeling of comfort. The Kaaba is important to me because its represents the history of Islam and also who I am not only me but every Muslim since the past.

Place(s): Yemen, United State
Year: 2015

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