In Attire
this photo show us how they wear it.
this photo show us how they wear it.

My tradition is called Jambiya. My object is to fit in culture it represents the Yemeni culture and the people of Yemen. The handles are made from the rhino and the longer the horn stays the more expensive it gets. And the bottom is made of iron and on the sides, they made it with a gold pound. And after the assembly everything, everything becomes something like a belt and you wear around your waist with something called a thawb. Also, it's can be used as a knife to defend yourself or use for other stuff like cutting. It wasn’t coming from anywhere else it was made a long time ago in Yemen. My dad told me about the Jambiya that his father had before he died and some of my uncles get into a fight for it and who is gonna have it. It’s important in marriages and most of the people who go to the marriage wear it to show respect to them and also show that you care because the Jambiya is so important in my country. The Jambiya is connected to my culture because it is so old that if any Arabic see it they’ll know that is from Yemen. Also, the Jambiya is was used in the old-time of the Yemen culture. It’s important to me because it represents me as Yemeni as well as my Yemeni culture. And I want to show other people from around the world how beautiful is Yemen’s culture and tradition are. 

Place(s): Yemen
Year: 2016

– M.M

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant