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Relationship: Im/migrant

The object I have is a backpack. Because most of the immigrants bring backpacks with supplies. Mostly food and water. I don't know my parents migrant story that well. But I do know most of it. But I do know that they did it to give me a better future. Because it's really hard to make money in mexico. But when my mom came to America she came with her friend and her brother and some guys cause it was a group that was coming. She passed with her friend but her brother was being dumb and gave himself away. And the other people got caught.  And my favorite items is my shoe. I like taking care of my shoes because they look better like that. People also compliment you on the new shoes when they are not new. My favorite pair was some Jordans that my parents bought me. Because I was playing in a basketball tournament. And they where white and red. They where really comfortable to wear. Im really into shoes because they’re different styles of shoes. Other people have different styles like dress shoes. But I like basketball shoes. Cause they look better and you could wear them anywhere. And because theyre more shoes that look better then dress shoes to dress in. Cause sometimes theyre plain colors and they look good. So thats what I care about. 

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant