Merrimack College hoodie

In Attire
Me wearing my Merrimack college hoodie.
Me wearing my Merrimack college hoodie.

Since 2016 I have consistently had a Merrimack College hoodie in my possession. My two Merrimack hoodies were typically worn two to three times a week at one point. My hoodies are very special to me because they were given to me by my grandfather. Both my grandfather and father are Merrimack alumnus and they would always take me to Merrimack sports events, mainly hockey. I would ordinarily go to a couple of games each season to cheer on the team with my grandfather who has season tickets. One game sticks out to me in particular. It was a Friday night game after school and the first round of the playoffs versus UNH. I was excited all day and couldn’t wait to leave later that night. The game started strong and the rink was packed. The end of regulation came and the game was tied. Overtime was around halfway done when Merrimack rushed down the ice and scored the game winning goal. The arena practically exploded. I was jumping up and down yelling my heart out. I turned to my grandfather and gave him a big high five. This game was one of my most memorable moments from my childhood and it was all while wearing my Merrimack hoodie which is what makes it so special to me. 

– Nathaniel Doherty

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