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Jubako - Platter
Jubako - Platter

The most important holiday in Japan is the New Year, and it’s called Shogatsu. We use this food box called jubako, it is usually three levels of boxes that can be divided.  We put traditional foods inside to celebrate the New Year and think about the goals we hope to achieve in the New Year. This is very common in Japan. Jubako's are only made in Wajima, in Japan, because that’s the only place in Japan where they have the resources to make the jubako. The box is made from wood and the inside is painted red. We also drink Japanese wine, sake, in a very small cup. Children also need to drink Japanese wine as well and make a wish for the New Year. 
My jubako was made more than 100 years ago in Wajima, and it has a family crest on the top and on the side made with gold. The family crest that we have was made by the oldest spa called Hyohei in Japan, and it is about 700 years old. This crest is one of the most famous flowers in Japan. 

Place(s): Japan
Year: 2015

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant