Jewish tallit

My object is a tallit, which is an article of clothing worn by Jews all over the world when  reading from the Torah or praying to God. You wear it around your shoulders so that it hangs off your body. It’s made of different types of fabrics like silk, cotton or wool.  My grandfather gave it to me before my Bar Mitzvah. Which was in the summer of 2016, and it was passed on from his grandfather before his Bar Mitzvah in the 1950s. They got it in a very religious area in Borough Park. This object is the center of my story because it connects me to the holy land, Israel. It shows respect for God while praying. It means a lot to my family because it makes us feel like God is looking down on us and we are connected to him. Also it reminds us about our family history. Lastly, the tallit represents my Jewish identity and history. When I got Bar Mitzvahed, I thought of the millions of other Jewish people from the past and present who wore a tallit reading from the Torah. My brother will be Bar Mitzvahed in it this summer and so will our children in the years to come. It is amazing how one piece of cloth has made me feel a part of Jewish identity. I feel like I have a connection to Israel and it’s people. 

Place(s): Borough Park Brooklyn

– Dylan Moskowitz

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