Relationship: Im/migrant

My item is my gold chain with Jesus on an anchor. I was doing my confirmation in 9th grade of 2015. My aunt and uncle gave gave it to me and became my godparents. It’s special to me because anywhere I go it comes with me. I took it to two World Series and it was two important events for me. God helped me make the trip and make it back home from Tennessee. We unfortunately did not win but it’s all about the fun. When I go to see a girl, or an important event I have my gold chain on. It has become a big part of me. It’s a good luck charm to me. One day I will give it to my kid. 
This connects to my family’s immigration to the United states because my family believes a lot in God. On their way here they would pray to God and hope everything turns out okay and to make money also live a good life to provide for us. My mom and dad had crosses on coming to the united States so God can always be with them. My mom always tell me to be close to god and I have my gold chain always to keep him close with me. When my older brother was born he had a heart problem that could have killed him and my mom stayed with him day and nights at the hospital. My mom and dad would pray to God for help, I feel that it's anybody reaction to ask pray and ask for help. My family stays close with religion. 

Place(s): Tennessee
Year: 1990

– Rogelio

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant