The Irish Harp Ornament

 The Irish Harp Ornament
The Irish Harp Ornament

I asked my dad what an important object was to our family that represents our culture. I settled on an ornament of a harp with shamrocks on it that my Grandma on my dads side bought in Ireland. My Grandma bought this in Ireland back when she visited in the early 1990’s. at a local tourist shop near where she was staying. The ornament itself is used for decoration purposes. The harp otherwise is actually known for being a symbol of Ireland. It’s used to play beautiful Irish music. The harp is a skilled instrument that takes practice to play. The ornament is made of porcelain and the shamrocks are painted on. 

This ornament is important to me because I hang it up on my Christmas tree every year. An interesting thing that is special to me about this ornament is that my name is Clover and the ornament has shamrocks on it also known as clovers. This teaches people about my culture because it shows people a little bit about Irish music and why it’s important to the culture. This is connected to my great great Grandmother who immigrated to the United States from Ireland in the 1940s. I specifically chose this item because of the importance of Irish music.

A question that I have for my Grandma and my dad is, “How is this object important to you?” I have heritage from lots of different places and I am happy to have an artifact that symbolizes just a part of where I’m from.

Place(s): Ireland

– CS

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