Jamaican Hundred Dollar Bill

Summertime is usually the best time of the year for my sister and I. It meant that we could visit our mom in America for at least two to four weeks. Before we arrived to the airport, we would always complain about our ears hurting when the airplane took off. We later then found out from a flight attendant, that if we chewed gum during take-off then it will reduce the pain. Before we left Jamaica, my dad being the wonderful person he is, gave us $100 Jamaican Dollars to buy gum. We ended up not buying the gum because we found an alternative remedy. If we clog our ears with our fingers when the plane takes off and lands, then we wouldn't feel our ears pop. Ever since, I've kept the the one hundred dollar in a musical chest where I keep my other valuables. The $100 bill is important to me because he supported us financially when we moved here. It shows that he was always a hard worker.

Year: 2007

– Tahir M.

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