Jade necklace

Relationship: Im/migrant
Jade Necklace
Jade Necklace

My Jade Necklace would be the item that would tell my own personal story of how I would have a connection to my original homeland and my family members. The Jade can tell a story with Jade being a Chinese symbol where you gain good luck in Chinese culture. Jade would be important throughout my life and to my family with everyone in my family receiving a jade item. The object was brought from China which this necklace would help me remember the times when I was in China. I have held onto this object since when I came back to America. This object is related to my family's migration to China for a month, having had wonderful times there, meeting my mom’s sister and etc. For example, in China we would go to my dad's old life which was just a very small village with a huge pond having many different types of fishes there. Anyways I would be with my dad’s childhood friends that were still living there which creeped me out. I didn’t feel very comfortable at first because of the farms environment which I still don’t like to this day but over time when I was there, I accepted the fact that this place is okay. This object would relate to my cultural identity because my Jade necklace would be on me for like every day and never coming off. In fact, the material is what mostly makes up the Necklace and without the Jade the necklace could have a whole new meaning. The object can connect to a bigger story that many people can relate to because of how I would obtain the necklace making memories on the way making it an important memory throughout my time in China and now. 

Place(s): China, New York
Year: 2008

– SY

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant