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Relationship: Im/migrant


                              By:Alex Wu

My Immigration object is called Jade. It was in my top drawer I only checked there once and I thought it was just some random necklace. When I asked my mom for an immigration object for my immigration study and my mom opened my top drawer and showed me the necklace. Jade was the only traditional thing my mom brought from china. 
Jade was made by carving a rare ore called jade into a picture on the front. And then you make a hole in it so you can put a string through it so you can wear it. Jade is green it is made and bought from china. Jade is important because if you wear it, it means your Chinese.
I learned from my mom that Jade represents wisdom, balance and peace and I believe my mom's words. I am glad my mom gave me this because she said, “If you wear this it means you're Chinese.” And I'm glad as well that she saved two of them for my sister and I. I learned that Jade wards off decay, diseases and jade is a siecapil stone. Jade is used as a necklace or a wrist band.

Place(s): China
Year: 2009

– Alex

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant