ivy cap

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its a hat called ivy cap
its a hat called ivy cap

     The object I am doing  is called an ivy cap or called an irish cap. I chose this item because both sides of my family are irish. It's important to me because the ivy cap is made out of leather, wool, and cotton. Here are the people who used the ivy cap. In England , Scotland and ireland. Also my ancestors also used it. My family came into the U.S.A from these places. Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, lithuania. is where my great grandparents who my great grandpa fought in WW2. And my great grandma moved to america then that's when my family came. The ivy cap tells you that they were irish. There are many different looks about the ivy cap. The Ireland one and the United Kingdom one look like the hats that the guards wear just a little shorter. The Ireland one looks like a regular hat but with the hat going down it's important to me because you can't find them in America. So that's why it's so special to me. There are different ones based off you are or live.

Place(s): Ireland united kingdom Scotland

– MM

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