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  My family would take photos every year
My family would take photos every year

I was born April 4, 2006 in Seattle, Washington and had one sister. We moved a year later to a bigger house because I was going to have another sister. I didn’t remember my first house because we didn’t have any pictures. We then met someone on our street that did family photos, so we got our first family photos when I was 2 with my sister. We then started doing them every year and sending them to all my parents' friends and relatives as Christmas cards. Other than when we went to church on Sundays , this was the only day when my mom could pick out our clothes. This also inspired my love for photography. Now we moved again to Sun Valley and we didn't do the pictures this year. Even though I hate them and am happy we didn't do them, my mom got the photos so we could look back on our past and connect with family. When looking at these photos, I feel I can see what I was like, not only what I looked like. I now miss doing them because of the memories. This picture is sitting on a shelf in my living room where we walk past it every day but I didn't really notice it until I started writing about it. Now since noticing it, it has raised more questions about my past. Pictures played an important role in my life because I would always ask questions about memories and other pictures we had, and then my mom would show me a picture if she could find one or explain it to me. Because of this, I can bring my old home with me on my moves. 

Place(s): Seattle, Washington

– HD

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more