Italian Recipe Book


My object is a recipe book that my great-grandmother, who we called Grammy, made for my mother. The book is actually a photo album filled with recipes that my great-grandmother either hand wrote or recipes that she snipped out of newspapers. The book itself has a beige cover with purple vines that run vertically. On the first page, there is a note that my great-grandmother wrote for my mom when she gave her the book. Grammy gave it to my mother as a wedding gift when she married my father in 2001. Most of the recipes are Italian and have been passed down through my family. The one that matters the most to me is my great-grandmother’s meatball recipe. This particular recipe is very important to me because when I was younger, every Sunday in the summer we used to eat her homemade meatballs with my entire family. Sadly, we no longer carry on this tradition since my great-grandmother has passed away. I still make many of the foods in the cookbook today, and they are always delicious. I love this recipe book so much because it connects me to my Italian heritage and reminds me of Grammy. 

Place(s): Italy, New York

– BP

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