Italian Easter Bread

"I only bring this out once a year, on Easter, and it is the one thing that I will always stick to the traditional recipe for." Such were the words of the owner of King's Highway Bakery in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Regularly, he is willing to try modern additions to his bakery which deviate from traditional Italian recipes, but fit the diversified American palate (such as peanut butter and jelly layered cake). However, every Easter, he makes his great-grandparent's traditional Easter bread brought over from Italy. With it's plain bread exterior and colorful eggs inserted into its pockets, it is a curious sight. Upon tasting it, one begins to see why he doesn't stray from the original- if it tastes good, then people will enjoy it, regardless of cultural background. His adherence to the old family recipe despite the changing times and vastly different demographics of the neighborhood allows the owner to share his story and the story of his ancestors to his customers.

Year: 2016

– Ryan Chan

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