It's the best tasting piece of greek history there is. This pastry, coming straight from the roots, is called baklava. Baklava is arguably the best thing to come from Greek culture. It is a pastry containing chopped nuts and sweet syrup. The origins of baklava comes from Greece. My grandparents are also from Greece so when they came to America, they brought their culture with them. Baklava has been with me all my life. Some of the best family moments involved baklava. I can’t remember a single time my grandmother came over without bringing some. It was even better when she would make it herself, which was usually around the holidays. I will never forget the days she would work tirelessly for hours to make the perfect pastry. For some reason, whenever she would make it it seemed as though my entire family would be in the kitchen and needed my yaya's help, which would cause lots of yelling. We fit the perfect description of a stereotypical loud Greek family and as a kid I thought this to be the funniest thing in the world. Baklava is eaten at all family gatherings. From Christmas to a Sunday family lunch, from the best of times to the worst, baklava is served. This dessert is more than just a great tasting treat to me. It represents family bond because it’s always present when I'm with my loved ones. This reflects on my identity because it shows my Greek culture centered around the importance of family.

Year: 1964

– Teddy Rogu

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