It's a Daffodil

My very faux daffodil
My very faux daffodil

I did not take sentimental objects from Indiana when relocating over 700 miles to college but even if I was home I don't think I have many objects to memorialize the immigration in my linage. So I went to research my roots, which I've been told by my parents is primarily German and Welsh, and I found quickly the national flower of Wales was the daffodil. At the time my roommate had decorated with multicolored, poofy, paper flowers and I thought the yellow faux flower vaguely resembled a daffodil. Prior to this project I was not aware of the cultural relevance the flower has in my migration story but I associated the flower with growing up with daffodils blooming yearly making the yard beautiful. Unfortunately, the flowers never lasted very long with my siblings and I tearing through them. A big component of the culture significance was the decorative aspect, so I think it was fitting to use my roommates décor to represent the naturally occurring homey décor which should remind of the immigration undergone.

Place(s): South Carolina, Indiana

– Ella Stevens

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more