Irish Promise Ring

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Temporary promise ring ive been wearing
Temporary promise ring ive been wearing

 By summer of 2021, past the time I turned 16, my boyfriend brought up the possibility of us buying rings. Nothing serious, more so an act of our love for each other in a physical form, which came from Eros’s Irish-Celtic culture. Rings have been a way humans have shown each other love for hundreds of years, and as someone who has biological relatives who are Irish, I was happy to jump onto the opportunity to learn more about the culture. Though, at first I was sort of confused. I asked him if they were engagement rings, as I wasn't familiar with the concept. A promise ring, Eros told me, is an act of love, a physical way of showing you are in a relationship. It doesn't mean you will be marrying your partner, but I adore the meaning behind this ring. The rings themselves are called “Claddagh” in Gaelic, and are given to a partner to express your love towards said person. The rings used to have different meanings depending on the finger and position they rest in. But, sadly, the tradition has died out throughout most of Ireland, except in the bigger cities like Dublin. The rings themselves often contain items close to the earth as a common religion in Ireland is paganism. Paganism itself is all about worshiping the earth, and items within the rings (hawk feathers, moss, or wood) represent this. My partner and I chose to participate in this because of our dedication to each other, we have been by each other's side through thick and thin.

Place(s): Ireland

– Eddie Guggemos

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child