Rose Ring

In Attire
A ring with a rose embellishment.
A ring with a rose embellishment.

My grandpa has been divorced 4 times, and after having so many failed marriages, he didn’t ever want to get married again. It seemed as though he lost hope in finding love, especially considering his first four wives were cheaters, liars, bipolar, and crazy. It’s like one big Jerry Springer episode. However, despite his best efforts, a few years ago, he met a nice older lady named Janie who seemed to restore his faith in finding love. For their first date, he took her to see the live action Beauty and the Beast movie, and she seemed to really take to the magic rose. A few months later, he bought her a ring as a gift that has a rose on it. Throughout the course of their relationship, the rose has been a recurring symbol that represents the love they have for each other despite previously losing hope. Even at their wedding, they had a replica of the magic rose from Beauty and the Beast in a jar as a decoration to keep the symbolism going. A couple years ago, they decided to give me the rose ring as a gift in the hopes that it would be passed down for generations to come. Their story brings me joy and makes me think of one word: serendipity. I only wear the ring for special occasions and intend on passing this ring down through the family as my grandparents wish.

Place(s): Texas; Virginia

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