Relationship: Child of im/migrant
A photo of incenses my family uses
A photo of incenses my family uses

My family has never had anything precious that was passed down for generations and the reason for that could possibly be because of the civil war in their country. Although we didn’t have an ancient object being handed over for generations, my family did have one thing they used even after migrating from their country, and that was incense. My family originated from a country called Cambodia, and the religion they followed there was Buddhism. In my family’s culture incense are usually used during ceremonies, they would light the incense along with food, in honor to the buddhas and deceased loved ones. Incense was also commonly used in the temple where my family would go during Cambodian holidays. My family left their country due to a civil war called the Khmer Rouge, they immigrated to American in order to escape the war and live in a much safer environment. My father was the first person to come to America because he was sponsored by his relatives that lived in California. My parents were in an arranged marriage, so after they got married my mother and older sister were brought here, and soon after more of my family would come and live in America. Just like other families in the world, my family left their homeland in order to escape from the dangers and to provide our family with a better and safer life. Coming to a new country is not easy, especially when you know nothing about it. Therefore, one thing that kept my family connected to their birthplace was their culture, religion, and incense.

Place(s): Cambodia, America

– MM

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant