Immigration Card

The object that I picked is my Bobbe's (grandmother) immigration card. She is originally from Lodz, Poland, and survived the Holocaust with her three sisters. My Bobbe was 22 when the war ended, and remained in Eastern Europe for a few years where she met my Zaide (grandfather). The two fell in love, and decided to get married. She and my Zaide later decided to move to America years later, and booked passage by boat. Upon her immigration, my Bobbe changed her name to Sally, and shortened her last name. My Bobbe and Zaide moved to Chicago, where my mother was born. A few years later they decided to move to sunny Los Angeles in order to join her three sisters. In Los Angeles, my grandparents later started their very successful furniture business and gave birth to my uncle. My grandparents became very active in their local shul (synagogue) and Jewish community and to this day continue to express the importance in maintaining a strong tie and connection to the Jewish peoplehood.

Year: 1949

– Michal

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