I'm From Unknown

Relationship: Im/migrant
Walking in the Fall Across the River
Walking in the Fall Across the River

Where I'm From
I am from siblings, from fight and quarrel. 
I am from pigeon at the kitchen and labyrinth. 
I am from cactus which means "don't touch" if you 're afraid of hurting yourself.I'm notebook and pen.
from mother and father.
I'm from mother's love and hard-working father 
and from spoiled family from peace, lovely and religious. I'm from the lion's den. 
I am from grand-mother and grand-father 
from bananas and fish, from birthday and Communion and from vacation
jumping in the river 
I'm from those moments who make me special and proud of myself

Place(s): Haiti
Year: 2023

– D

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant