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Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is a huipil. The huipil was always in my closet but i never knew about it. So when we started this study it made me surprised to see and learn about something i never knew about. Also it was the only thing my mom bought to America!! And In Guatemala a Huipil means shirt, skirt, and belt. It is made in Guatemala with cotton and wool. The Huipil traveled with my mom when she came to America from Guatemala. In Guatemala a Huipil is worn every day by people called INDIGENOUS WOMEN which mean’s (native). The huipil is a symbolic of 3 thing heritage , ancestry , and tradition.  In America they sell huipil for $100.00 to $110.00 dollars but in guatemala they sell it for $100.00 to $300.00 dollars. When you look at a huipil it has lots of patterns and colors.  The skirt part of the huipil is thick and heavy to keep the women warm. In Guatemala the indigenous people have their own towns but they still go to the capital guatemala (city).  The indigenous people travel to visit family , sell merchandise , and also go on vacation. In Guatemala My mom is not fully a indigenous women but she has a huipil because in guatemala she is called mindigenous which means half native and half not native. When my mom was coming to America she could not hold a lot of things, like we can now so my mom can only take the huipil and water/food because my mom had to walk and take lots of different cars to get to America. 

Place(s): Guatemala
Year: 1984

– Leila

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant