House Blessing

Family house blessing
Family house blessing

Everybody has something that is cherished in their family whether it’s a piece of jewelry or an antique an ancestor made. For my family, it would be a house blessing. I deem myself as a Christian and our house blessing is cherished in my family. It is typed up on a piece of paper, whatever font, and framed—usually by the door where we come in and out. Every time each of my family members leaves the house, we say the prayer for those who dwell in the house. Additionally, we say it for protection when we leave. My great grandmother on my father’s side created the blessing and she framed it. Likewise, my grandmother framed a blessing for my aunt and my father to put in their homes. By the door when one might walk out of the house, my aunt has her blessing hanging next to the door. I first learned about it when my aunt told me what it was and what it meant.This blessing is essential because it comes from my great grandmother who was one of the first people who introduced Christianity into my grandmother’s life. Ever since then, the generations following have embraced the religion. Another reason I find it prominent is that my cousins and I get the blessing as well, that is, once we move into homes of our own. Since my dad and my aunt had it passed down to them, we shall get each of our own. To sum up, now that I know of my family’s blessing, I cherish it and I am on my way to memorizing it when I receive it for my own home when I am older.

– Angel Barreto

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