Holy Spirit Charm

Coming from a large, Irish Catholic family, wearing religious jewelry, like miraculous medals, saint medallions, crucifixes, and other things along those lines has always been something we do. It’s a go-to gift among my aunts, cousins, and immediate family, particularly when someone receives a sacrament. This one specifically is very important to me. My grandmother originally received this blessed charm of the Holy Spirit from her mother, who was an Irish Catholic immigrant. My grandmother than gave it to my mom, her oldest child, when she was confirmed. When I had my confirmation, my mom then gifted it to me as the oldest of my siblings. I used to wear it all the time, but now I keep it in the change purse of my wallet. I carry my mom, grandmother, and Holy Spirit with me wherever I go. Whenever my first born is confirmed, this will become his or hers.

Year: 1900

– Peggy Sell

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